3 Useful Free Apps in Windows

These 3 hidden gems in Windows are a great way to expand the utility of Windows, all for free!

To find all of these little apps, we are going to make it super simple and type in the commands directly and then pin these apps to the taskbar. Don't worry, it's not difficult at all!

1. Sticky Notes:

Windows+R, then type stikynot, press enter. (make sure you spell it STIKYnot)

This will bring up a virtual sticky note. You can make several notes and drag them around your desktop!

2. Snipping Tool:

Windows+R, then type snippingtool, press enter.

A great tool to use when you want to show someone a specific part of your screen. Easily snip and save the image. You can then attach it to an email, or make a how-to article!

3. Problem Steps Recorder:

Windows+R, then type psr, press enter.

Give people step by step screens. This program will take a screenshot every time you click with the mouse. It then saves all of these images in sequential order. This is a great way to create "on-boarding" documents for new employees. Maybe you show them how to use Quickbooks, or how to check a specific mailbox, or how to use your intranet.

Now if you've followed along, you have all three of these apps open on your desktop, good job! If you want to keep any of them around for quick access, just right click on their icon in the taskbar, and choose "pin this program to taskbar".