Samsung ATIV Book 9

"The ATIV Book 9 is gorgeous, rivaling the MacBook Air in lithe aesthetics. However, like the Air, you can get more machine for your money."

With so many different shapes, sizes, and capabilities, the decision of which laptop is right for you can be purely personal. As such, when you’re shopping around, it pays to know what it is you’re looking for.

There are always tradeoffs: If you want long battery life, you know that you may be sacrificing speed. If you want a thin and light form-factor, you’re generally going to pay a premium. So it should come as no surprise that the 1.6ghz Intel i5-4200U inside this “Book 9” can be found in many less expensive 15” systems, like this bulky Acer Aspire. However, going for one of these low cost behemoths may leave your shoulders and back to foot the bill down the road.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for thin, light, long battery life laptops with a large enough screen to really get work done on, then the “executive class” 15+ inch ultrabooks, such as the ATIV Book 9 can give you everything you need.

Although these machines often offer processor and graphics options that fall short of their bulkier competitors, that is not to say that these $1500 laptops lack for speed. When built correctly, as in this case and in the case of the famed MacBook Air, all of the parts work together to give a very snappy, crisp response.  The Intel i5 processor in this Samsung Book 9 is nothing to sneeze at, nor is the solid state hard drive and ample RAM.  To top it all off, these power-conservative parts can give you around 11 hours battery life at idle, or 5-6 hours if you perform general tasks.

One hidden gem in this Samsung is the Wolfson WM5102 audio codec, allowing lossless audio playback. If this sentence is a lot of nonsense, don’t worry, it basically means the music and movies can potentially sound really great through a pair of high end headphones or the appropriate external speakers.

As with so many things, you get what you pay for. In the case of this 15” Samsung, you get a really slick looking laptop with a 1920x1080 screen, able to switch seamlessly from entertainment center to corporate work horse with a touch of class.



  • Big Screen
  • Thin Profile
  • Aluminum Body
  • Great Audio


  • Top Dollar
  • Integrated Graphics



Samsung ATIV Book 9