Acer Aspire Switch 10

"Acer's Switch 10 is a nicely built machine. This cool and quite little convertible includes Microsoft Office 2013 so you can get right down to business!"

For some of us, portability is paramount. Whether you're going from one sales meeting to another, editing your slide deck in coach, or sharing your screen over a lunch table, a small form-factor can make all the difference.

Convertible laptops, or "hybrids" as they're known, attempt to give you the productivity of a laptop, with the portability of a tablet. Over the years, manufacturers in the PC market have had varying degrees of success with this concept, and so when a decent hybrid emerges, it’s time to take notice.

The Acer Switch 10 ticks all the right boxes. It’s light (1.29 lbs), thin (0.4"), and has an estimated 8 hour battery life. This tiny package runs cool and quiet, thanks in large part to its solid state hard-drive and low voltage Intel Atom processor.

Speaking of the processor (and performance specs in general), this laptop will not be setting any land-speed records, but this little fella isn't meant to be your hot-rod: This is your commuter PC. For browsing the web, office productivity, and basic multimedia (movies, music), the Atom handles well. The bundled Microsoft Office suite should give a good indication of where this hybrid wants to take you.

The silvery design and stout construction make the Switch 10 a "business styled" choice at a consumer, entry level price - perfect for any business without a Microsoft domain controller (for which you would need to upgrade the Operating System).

The only true downsides to the "Switch", really, are the screen, and the keyboard. At 1388x768, the tiny 10" display will have you struggling to fit everything in view. Thankfully, there is an HDMI output so, when you're in the office, at least you can throw those spreadsheets on the big screen. The same drawbacks carry over to the keyboard. They’ve crammed a lot of keys into this small space. The keyboard seems to be laid out well, but the spacing could prove awkward at first.

Overall, the Acer is a truly solid offering in this niche, edging out the more expensive Dell Venue 11 and Lenovo Yoga 11, while standing shoulder to shoulder with the $370 Asus Transformer Book T100.


  • Great Design
  • Thin & Light
  • Long Battery Life
  • Comes with Office 2013


  • Somewhat Slow
  • Underwhelming Screen
  • Small Hard Drive
  • Cramped Keyboard

Acer Aspire Switch 10